• E-Padel RECHARGE
  • E-Padel RECHARGE



E-Padel recharge is the sports supplement designed exclusively for padel players, the sport that has fascinated all of Italy, which guarantees a prompt post-match recovery and helps reduce the lactic acid present in the muscles. Ideal for amateur and professional players, both to face the simple Sunday match and to face the efforts of competitive matches and tournaments.

Programming and periodizing training and all aspects related to athlete’s nutrition and integration undoubtedly requires an understanding of the many critical issues that influence optimal performance.

Below are the most important supplements for the padel:

CREATINE: Creatine is an amino acid that allows the muscle to contract during exertion. Without this substance, we feel exhausted and tired. Thanks to creatine, e-Padel RECHARGE offers you a greater sense of vitality, more ready and strong muscles and, in general, a better sports performance.

ARGININE: is an essential amino acid that allows a better recovery of muscle trauma and synthesizes other substances useful for our body. Thanks to this substance we can enjoy all the energy coming from food, as arginine allows for better absorption.

TAURINE: is an amino ethanesulfonic acid with a very high nutritional and physiological effect which, however, must be taken in the right doses during the day. The needs of an adult are included in e-padel Play to best support sports performance, but also to be highly digestible.

VITAMIN C: we know it well due to its energizing properties and friends of the immune system. Thanks to its antioxidant action, vitamin C protects muscle cells from trauma and improves performance by keeping pain and injuries away.

Pack of 10 sachets of 3.8 gr to be taken 15 minutes after the match.

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