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E-Padel PLAY is the sports supplement designed specifically for padel players sold in sachets, easy to take and with a pleasant taste. You can always carry them with you and hire them before the performance to play your game at its best. It is taken 1 hour before the game and helps you improve your sports performance

Padel is a sport that requires an important mix of various components: endurance, strength, speed and concentration. To be able to perform at their best in these aspects, it is necessary to combine training, nutrition and integration in the correct way. We know better this sport with all the peculiarities and difficulties that those who practice it can encounter. 

Padel is an intermittent sport, defined as "acyclic", which includes short periods of activity (4-10sec) interspersed with periods of active recovery (10-20sec) and passive recovery (60-90sec), in which the unpredictability is the absolute protagonist. Although matches can last many hours, only about 15-20% are actually active matches. The biggest problem in identifying the energy demands of the players lies in the fact that they are dependent on the technique, the style of play, the physicality, the duration of the exchanges, as well as the surrounding environment. In fact, let's not forget that this sport, in most cases, is practiced for long hours under the sun or in very humid environments. 

Each match is unique, both in terms of athletic effort and calorie consumption. In addition, there are critical issues in padel, especially for those who practice both amateur and professional tournaments such as not knowing exactly the start time of the match, having many moments of waiting.

Plan and periodize training and all aspects related to nutrition and the integration of the athlete undoubtedly requires an understanding of the many criticalities that influence optimal performance.

Below are the most important elements present in our EPADEL - PLAY to help you face your PADEL match:

ACETYL CARNITINE: Acetyl carnitine is very useful for "amplifying" the energy produced by food. In fact, L-carnitine is an amino acid that promotes the transport of fatty acids for conversion into energy.

ZINC: Zinc boosts the immune system, keeping inflammation or ailments away. In addition, it helps tissue regeneration at the cellular level and stimulates muscle recovery.

PANTOTHENIC ACID: Pantothenic acid is used to keep the body from collapsing in an energy drop after the Padel match. Fatigue is just around the corner, but you can't give up because you have the rest of the day to face with great energy.

VITAMIN E: Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that frees the body from free radicals and helps keep cells young for longer. In addition, it is useful for tissue repair

Pack of 10 sachets of 3.8 gr to be taken 1 hour before the match.

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