I am looking for a sponsor, are you interested?
Get in touch with us to see if you fit the player profile, we are looking for at info@voluvesport.com

Where can I try the Voluve Sport padel rackets?
Voluve Sport padel rackets can be tested at our test centers in Valencia, Burgos, Girona, Mallorca, Menorca. If you live far from these cities, you can ask us for a test racket by depositing a deposit in our account and paying the shipping and return costs.


Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets have rough planes?
All our rackets have a rough/sandy finish called "maximum roughness"

Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets has more power?
The racket with more power and ball output is the Voluve Aggressive-710

Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets has more control and a good sweet spot?
The padel racket with the best control and the widest sweet spot is the Voluve Total Kontrol-360

Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets has a harder touch?
The Voluve Aggressive-710 padel racket has a harder touch as it has an Eva Black Medium rubber core.

Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets is more versatile?
Undoubtedly the Voluve Total Kontrol-360 racket that also offers a good ball output thanks to the hardness of the 3K carbon.

Which of the Voluve Sport padel rackets has the softest touch?
The racket with a whiter touch is the Voluve Total Kontrol-360 racket.

What initiation padel racket do you recommend?
The Voluve Total Kontrol-360 is the most recommended for those who are in the initiation phase up to an intermediate level, therefore it is a racket that could go well for you from the beginning until you reach a good level of play, keep in mind that in our team there are high-level padel coaches who still use it and are delighted with it.

What Voluve padel racket have a layer of fiberglass?
None, we use carbon on the frame and 3k carbon on the lining.

Do the Voluve padel rackets come with a protector?
No, our rackets do not come with a protector since the weight and balance vary, we let the players decide whether to put it on or not.

Do the padel rackets come with a cover?
Since Voluve Sport rackets are a valuable product, it is our duty to present it to the client with a black zippered case, adjustable handle and our logo. Our cover can also be purchased separately in the accessories section.

Which model has more sound when hitting?
In our way of seeing the sound is totally indifferent when judging the quality of a paddle tennis racket.

Can you choose the weight of the padel rackets?
The weight of the blades can vary more or less than about 10g and will never be an exact weight. We remember that it is a product made by hand.

Where are Voluve Sport rackets manufactured?
Voluve Sport padel rackets are manufactured like most other pioneering brands in the sector in Asia (China), but always using the highest quality materials and the best production techniques. We bet on our manufacturer as soon as it is the same as other well-known brands worldwide.